Studio rental


1. Who can use the studios of Workshop Foundation?

The studios are available for a variety of dance or live performance related courses such as contemporary circus, theatre, movement classes. We welcome dancers, theatre makers, artists working with movement and teachers specialized in forms of movements linked to dance. Feel free to contact us if you are willing to prepare yourself for your own contemporary dance performance or if you want to hold a masterclass or you need a place to rehearse for dance audition.

However, we are able to guarantee a free space only for those who take the studio facilites into account.

If you like to use our studio for shooting, please contact us for details via our email or via phone +36-70-427-3473.


2. Facilities

We are highly pleased to inform everyone that our studios in Jurányi are all accessible for disabled visitors. All studios are covered by dance floor, also they have mirrors with curtains. There are adjustable ballet bars and built in sound system.

In addition to the studios, we provide 2-2 dressing rooms, shower and toilets. There is a kitchen in Grabó Stúdió which is available for dancers.

In the 200 m2 studio, there is the possibility for suspension, so it is suitable for aerial hoop, tissue or swinging pole courses/ rehearsals.


3. Usage - free of charge

We can guarantee usage of our studios free of charge for those whose work is compatible with the Foundation’s operations manual, its mission as well as for those who receive less subsidy than the Foundation.

In other cases, it is possible to benefit the free usage of the studios only with prior agreement.

Please find in article 5. more information about the possibilities of renting studios for reherseal.


4. Acceptance of new teachers

New incoming teachers or new types of courses are welcome if they are compatible with our mission and timetable. If you are willing to teach in our studios, firstly contact us on the following email address : by sending a professional resume and a short description of the course. Please do not forget to include your phone number also, so we can reach you in person!

We would like to highlight the fact that our studios’ dance mattresses are not designed for courses with dance shoes, therefore unfortunately we are not capable of accepting those kind of courses.

5.Studios (photos)